15 Worst Video Game Clichés Ever


From bad gameplay mechanics to overdone story plots we count 15 of the worst clichés in gaming
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  1. worst resident evil cliche is a boss dying in a train at the end of the game or killed by a single rpg at the end but you couldnt kill that bos with 834617 rpgs in the game


  3. The first game I remember that had explosive barrels was the TNT barrels in the Donkey Kong Country games on the SNES

  4. Well, the thing if, if your character isn't silent, then what if the character's thoughts and feelings conflict with your own? With a silent protagonist, you're allowed to out your thoughts into them. It's more immersive.

  5. Here's what I hate: when they show you the end and then go to the beginning. So basically you already know what's gonna happen, so there isn't any point

  6. #15 reminds me of a game review, i forget the game, that had a female protagonist, and when you looked down, her breasts would be visible on the screen!
    unfortunately, that was the BEST part of that lousy game…
    #13 in Half-life 2, friendly character Alyx Vance actually makes fun of that cliche by saying, "you're a man of few words, aren't you?" to Gordon Freeman.
    #10 the most outrageous fetch-quest i know of is in the online MMO Runescape. it's called "one small favor". a brief description: someone asks you get get him some special wood. BUT the person who sells the wood asks you to get something else, from someone who asks you to get something else from someone who asks you…you will walk half-way around the WORLD before the end!
    #1 reminds me of a "insulting endings in games" scene: at the end of Gears of War, after defeating the final boss, and dropping a bomb into his headquarters, the REAL enemy leader calls you on the radio from the REAL headquarters and taunts you! meaning that EVERYTHING you did for the ENTIRE game was a complete waste of time! a very cheap and crude setup for a sequel.

  7. I agree completely with the disembodied arms cliche, unless you're dreaming where your dreams are not accurate to reality

  8. Gordon Freeman doesn't have a voice for a reason. Have you never heard his voice? Geez…Dorkly really knows their stuff…

  9. My crazy religious uncle says that skyrim is anti-christ because the dragonborn is the chosen one and the god put him on earth to save it. And he says that the dragon born is a Christ ripoff.

  10. I remember the good old days when cods multiplayer wasn't so SHIT and crowded with whiny kids and snot nosed brats like this comment if you agree if you want

  11. Companies like Nintendo are the definition of cliche and repetiveness. They just keep doing the same thing over and over because they fear people will bash change. Too many purists.

  12. He forgot to mention that 1: FNAF's 10/20 mode is literally IMPOSSIBLE TO BEAT, and 2: All the FNAF jump scares sound exactly the same in FNAF 1.

  13. Modern Military Shooters are guilty of Gameplay and Story segregation at most

    also Ash Ketchum's Plot Armor are non-gaming example of gameplay and story segregation(due to pokemon anime writers chickening out over having (actual) superpowered characters that aren't pokemon themselves likely they thinks writing decent plot are their worst nightmares)

  14. The biggest case of Story/Gameplay Disconnection I've experienced was in Sleeping Dogs.


    I'm talking about Wei Shen's torture scene.

    During the very last portion of the story, Wei finds himself strapped into a chair, while one of the baddies proceed's to stab, cut, hammer and screw him (with a screwdriver) over and over. Problem is, after all this punishment, the villains leave the room, probably to smoke or something, and Wei frees himself using some tools that were lying around at close proximity.

    After moaning and walking funny for a couple seconds he shrugs it off and starts being a fucking badass again, doing parkour, performing roundhouse kicks to the face and successfully finishing every thug in the building. They even made him coff a little between punches but seriously? Why even get him tortured? That's one of the best missions of the game but I can't help but laugh at it every time. It's just too funny to see a guy drenched in his own blood being so cool about it.

  15. Magic is just another name for unexplained science. But so much is explained nowadays. That is why it doesn't exist in the real world anymore.

  16. says the chosen one,places some of the most best and famous games with their awesome protagonist…Dolan you insulted me I'm gonna give you a downward tum punch

  17. i freakin hated that about destiny thats y for a long time i played nothing but crucible til the missions were e z


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