250 Useful QUESTIONS & ANSWERS: Listen and repeat to improve your speaking!
1. Excuse me, are you English?
2. No. I’m American.
3. Do you speak English?
4. A little, but not very well.
5. What’s your name?
6. My name is Anna.
7. What do you do?
8. I’m a student.
9. How old are you?
10. I’m 26 years old.
11. Where do you come from?
12. I come from Vietnam.
13. Where were you born?
14. I was born in HaNam but I grew up in Hanoi
15. Where are you from?
16. I’m from Vietnam.
17. How long have you been here?
18. About 2 years.
19. Which grade are you in?
20. I’m in 10th grade.
21. Which class are you in?
22. I’m in 10B class.
23. What do you do?
24. I work as a doctor in HaNoi city.
25. What do you do?
26. I work in HR at FPT.
27. How many languages do you speak?
28. I speak two languages.
29. How are you?
30. I’m fine, and you?
31. Would you like to have coffee?
32. No. Thanks. I like tea.
33. How about a cup of tea?
34. It sounds good.
35. What are you planning to do today?
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