3 Easy Spring Snare Traps ~ Primitive ~ Survival


Demonstrating a Lock, Roller & Primitive spring snare.

Bow Trap

Squirrel Raw Hide Bow String

Survival Bow and Arrows

Spring Spear Trap

Windlass Animal Trap

Spring Deadfall Trap

See Saw Snare Trap

Into The Wild – Camp #8

Wild Camp #7

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  1. I also love bushcraft and hunting. You inspired me to create my own YouTube channel. Subscribe to my YouTube channel. Thanks keep up the good work my man

  2. Been wanting to learn a few basic survival skills and been binging bushcraft videos and wanted to find a snare video. 10/10. Very well explained but extrmely to the point and excellent demonstrations. Awesome!

  3. I want to join the navy so could you advise me on primitive fishing equipment to enable me to catch fish as well?. Thanks

  4. Great ideas but I wanna see them actually catch something! No sense in trapping if you can’t tell that it works or not

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  6. nicely done even i did a snare trap mine was a little different than what you showed i did put up on my channel and i was a qwick set up


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