A PERFECT Game? Perfection Horror BEST MOMENTS | I SCARED You! (Thank you)


Play the horror game Perfection:

No, this game isn’t perfect, it’s my imperfect baby and I’m so proud. If you had told me this time last year that Perfection would be played and enjoyed by so many people I would have been sceptical, this was only a third year university game and I was experimenting with how I could portray a deep meaning through a game platform so I never expected anything other than a degree, a bucket load of knowledge and a creative outlet. So I made this to say a massive thank you to EVERYONE who has watched, played and commented on the game. I appreciate all the kind words, feedback and debates around the subject of ‘perfection’, which is exactly what I wanted!

YouTubers in this video. I know there are so many videos out there so I’m sorry I couldn’t use them all but know that I appreciate THEM ALL:
GG Gab:
Bijuu Mike:
El Rincon De Giorgio:
Neco the Sergal:
Angory Tom:

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  1. Excellent job Yagman, I'm here because of the video in "El rincón de Giorgio" so I'm Spanish but after see the game I wanted to congratulate you because of your hard work all this moths ago to do the game, it's a masterpiece, really. Make me know of your next videogame, because I'll be there playing it 🙂

  2. "What the Valt Disney is this?" xD

    This really intrigued me, and made me happy to see. As someone who wants to get into game making, design etc. it's fun to see how valuable this type of feedback is.

  3. Congratulations! I have throughly enjoyed watching your game spread around the internet, especially after everything you've put into it! And now I just sit here and wait for the Mac version hahah

  4. The game it's perfect the way it is with the message that you put into it and i'm glad that you create something like this…!!! It tells you a little bit about your personality and i like it…!!! Please keep forward with this type of game in the future, i'm so exited for your future games :). PS: Sorry for my bad english :P…!!! Greetings from Venezuela :*

  5. Well imperfect or not, this game is one more should not only play but think about. Its truly something special and if by playing this game it changes peoples perception of the world and themselves you've done something few people have. Your one of a kind Yasmin ( im pretty sure that's your name, beautiful name btw) and I'm sure you'll do more good things in this world. Never give up. Ciao

  6. Dear Yasmin, I've met your channel occasionaly, about less than half a year ago. I liked you for being so honest & for love to all the things that you do. At that period of time I've been having a very strong depression for about a year. It was such a hard time for me, that I even tried to commit suicide several times. But my friends, family, and partially your videos helped me to overcome all the difficulties that I met. Now, I'm studying at the university in Saint-Petersburg, learning engineering, programming, & even came back to songwriting. And it is really cool to see your progress, which motivates me to become better. I want to say a big thank you, & if you'd like to have a chat – it would be an honor for me: allex.semenoff@gmail.com
    From Russia with love.

  7. I don’t think my smile can get any wider right now. So happy for you. I still wish John was able to play it, but he’s been stuck in the Conjuring House forever, so bad timing I guess. Maybe soon though, since he’s finally done.


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