Avengers Initiative – Gameplay Playthrough Part 8 Final Boss Iron Man Hulkbuster Suit


Marvel Avengers Initiative iOS iPad iPhone game playthrough gameplay

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  1. I could never beat this guy and then they got rid of the game and I liked it so much u were the one guy who made this video thank u

  2. All he is dong is just using Heal to take away Hulkbuster's power and regen Hulk's health. Plus, There is no use of making hulkbuster Gigantic and putting the arc reactor in the chest and making the chest plates bigger. Because of this, Hulk will get an easy shot at the arc reactor and Hulkbuster's chest will be more exposed. I recommend to use Hulkbuster Argo II or Extremis.

  3. No,in Marvel game 1,all of the Marvel heroes teamed up to destroy Doom,they did succeed,but more trouble came in Marvel game 2,then Captain America (the Rebel side) And Tony Stark (Also known as Iron man on the SHIELD side) Made a fight,idk what about,i didnt read,just played the game.So yeah,if you played those two games you would know the whole story.


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