Best management games on PC


The management game is experiencing something of a renaissance right now. With the likes of Jurassic World Evolution and Two Points Hospital on the immediate horizon, now feels like the right time to create a neatly ordered list of the best management games you can play right now on PC.

In no particular order, here are the games:

Cities: Skylines
Prison Architect
Planet Coaster
The Sims 4
Tropico 5
Dungeon Keeper 2
Game Dev Tycoon
Oxygen Not Included

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  1. I know you were probably going for real time games, but Civilization (choose your favorite) is an iconic game, I would have listed it. Dungeon Keeper (the first) was better than 2 in my opinion. Planetbase should get an honorable mention as well, in my opinion. As stated by some below (almost everyone actually ;)) – Rimworld, also Satisfactory.

  2. 7:26 as they said themselves, Klei (oxygen not included's developer) it's pronounced like clay not like you did, clee.
    Also, where is statisfactory and rimworld on the list?

  3. Introduce the game first…
    Not just the name on bottom corner because with the subtitles on that is not visible…
    Only problem with watch mojo and this new one…

  4. Ones I missed on the list:
    Academia school simulator
    Dawn of man
    Dungeon 2/3

  5. I mean, if factorio is on the list why not add satisfactory? Its factorio but 3D

    Edit: fixed an autocorrect error

  6. Screw you, Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic you have to even set paths for citizens or they won't get somewhere (workplace, shop etc.) unless you settle a public transport.

  7. I know this video is almost 2 years old but you didn't even mention Motorsport Manager? By far one of the greatest complete management games around and still is.

  8. "In a pattern that you're going to see repeated throughout this list, the best new management games improve on our old favourites."

    Translation : The original devs were swallowed by mega-publishers EA or Activision, and released hollow remakes that DLC'd staples of the series.or were pay to win skinnerboxes on mobile.

  9. IDK why but I cannot get into the "digital tile" games, as I call them, like Rimworld, Factorio or Prison Architect. Give me Banished, Frostpunk or even Raft all day long. City skylines and the Coaster Tycoon are good too. Tropico 5 looks interesting. I wish there was a modern equivalent to some of the old school greats: Rise of Nations: Empire Edition, Age of Empires 3, even World of Warcraft 2: BNE. Enjoyed the strategy, city layouts, economy builds and ultimately WAR! I'm getting Anno 1800 and Surviving the Aftermath because of Keralis.

  10. 6:07 – Game Dev Tychoon: Because we all know game developers all start out with a DeLorean in their garage. 😂 😂 😂


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