Bit Box Game Storage Preview with the Game Boy Geek


My Preview for a game storage system that can be used at home, and on the go. Check out the Bit Box, and the Bit Box Mobile.

This is on Kickstarter if you are interested:

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  1. The folks over at BitBox seem a good group. I was able to offer them some council on shipping plans and pricing solutions during the early days of the campaign.

  2. Something that concerns me is the construction. All the videos and the sites Ive seen the bit box being presented in just dont discuss the construction of these, and the pledges seem high for cardboard.

  3. I know a lot of people discuss alternate game storage and there's a demand for it and this product is great for those people, but honestly I've never understoon that mindset. I get excited when I go to a friend's place and see their colorful game boxes and artwork and flip over to the back to read more about the game and if it everything is in black boxes with a name sharpied on it, nothing would jump out at me or pique my interest. Game boxes are huge and oversized, yes, but they aren't THAT big where it's this huge problem I feel like some people make it out to be. When I want to take my games to a friend's, I throw a few in a big blue Ikea bag and it works wonders: durable and you can honestly fit like 20 games in it.


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