Boot PC in Safe Mode Windows 8.1 – Windows 8.1 Tutorial


In this Windows 8.1 tutorial I show how to boot or restart your PC in Safe Mode. There are 2 basic techniques, either hold down the “shift” key from the sign in window while clicking restart, or go into the advanced start-up options.

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  1. Actually i dont have account on window, it shows user and tell me to put the pass but i never ever made account on windows, pls help?

  2. Помогите пожалуйста, ноут не включается, выдает ошибку: 0xc0000185

  3. Can anyone help me out?? My lenevo windows 8.1 is not starting..after entering password it is continuously showing welcome and keep rotating…and not opening at all…what should i do???

  4. Plzz help me…. Not starting… Only showing welcome…… DisgustingggggggGGGGGGG from last3 days…


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