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When the Nerd finds a copy of Nintendo Power exuding a belief that EarthBound was a rotten game, he later finds reviews that show how glamorous the game was and reveals a fanbase for a title he now has to play. So he does – via the Super NES Classic Edition – and provides an insight about the game’s various flaws but well-thought out gameplay. This is Angry Videogame Nerd episode 156


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  1. This really makes me want to see your opinion on MOTHER 3. There's a phenomenal English fan translation out there and it fixes a lot of the pacing issues that you mentioned. It's tone is similar, but overall a little darker, and (while it has its flaws) I think it's the strongest out of the trilogy.
    (my personal favorite is MOTHER 1 / Earthbound Beginnings however)

  2. What was the text speed set to? The text speed makes a huge difference in this game. Battles become better due to turns going faster, and you can pretty much read things at your own pace.

  3. I had that same ad insert in a different gaming magazine. I never tried it back in the 90s either. In the mid 90s I only played Sonic, Mario, or Mortal Kombat. Might have to try a digital version.

  4. Angry Video Game Nerd, can you do Pac-Man on the Atari 2600? Please? I've heard many people say it's a bad game, it even led to the videogame crash of 1983. Many people want to see it!

  5. I know a lot of NES games but I’ve never looked into Earthbound, this “mother series” is confusing. Time to watch all of this.

  6. Still come back every year or so and watch avgn vids. James and captain dissilussion, are the two best youtubers ever.

  7. This must the best review of Earthbound there is. Such heart, soul, such sophistication, such immersion! You got to fall in love with this man's work.


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