FIFA World Cup logos, Posters and Mascots Through The Years 1930 – 2018 ⚽ Footchampion


FIFA World Cup logos, Posters and Mascots Through The Years 1930 – 2018 ⚽ Footchampion

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  1. Let me guess. Many persons have noticed that the Flag of Germany is wrong.
    I'm German, and everything is OK. 😃😃

  2. Todos tienen su belleza.
    Apartir de Alemania 2006 se tienen varios posters hasta Rusia 2018.
    Corea-Japon 2002. Brasil 2014 & Rusia 2018. Logo son la copa FIFA.
    Para mi en conjunto poster, logo y mascota que mas me gusto son.
    1 Mexico 1970
    2 Argentina 1978
    3 Rusia 2018

  3. The 1982 World cup and 1974 World cup was amazing for my coutry poland cause we won with haiti 7-0 and with Argentina 3-2 and with Italy 2-1 and with yugoslavia and with sweden but we failed to win with germany 1-0 but in the final of the 3rd place our Striker Grzegorz lato scored in the last minute of the match and on the final whistle we was 3rd best coutry in football in the World like in 1982 World cup we failed to win with Italy but then in the 3rd płace final we won 3-2 and we was for the 2 time 3rd best in the World

  4. Se equivocaron con la bandera de Alemania en el 2006 y colocaron la de Francia. Del resto muy buen vídeo

  5. I've never seen any of these host posters here in germany back in 2006 & that picture of goleo is the worst one u could've found


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