Fighters Destiny – Nintendo 64 Review – HD


Fighter Destiny 2, known in Japan as Fighting Cup 2 is a 1998 video game developed by Genki and published by Imagineer for the Nintendo 64. It closely models the 3D fighting game standard set by Sega’s Virtua Fighter, but integrates a unique point scoring system. The game’s generic characters and unoriginal presentation have been panned by critics, but reviewers praise its point system and consider it to be one of the best fighting games on the Nintendo 64. It was followed by a 2000 sequel Fighter Destiny 2.

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Fighters Destiny review on the nintendo 64. Recorded using a dazzle and on original real console hardware and game cartridge.


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  1. modern fighting games dont come close to the kind of mindgames this one provides. The KI was top notch too. One of the few games that deserves a remake or a sequel.

  2. One of those random games that my parents picked up for us (me and my brother) back in the day. Remember having a ton of fun with it and that beating joker was a pain in the ass haha

  3. I loved this game when it released, the only other fighter I had on the system was Mace; the dark age and smash bros(which till today I never liked!). Fighters destiny was so unique, I would main the Ninja, if it was reworked today, it would still be as original and different as it was then! and I also never unlocked the joker 🤣😭

  4. Someone needs to remake this game! The mechanics have so much more potential to include so many various fighting styles – particularly grappling styles.

  5. To me, the best fighting game of all time and the most underrated too. I allways sucked at fighting games, but in this one I was almost invicible.

  6. I loved this game but hated the joker. Never beat him. “I’m the clown” “don’t look down” arrrrrgh!!!

  7. Damn this brings back memories 😳
    I remember playing against my old school mate and even after we finished our exams, we blasted on this for hours on end.
    So much fun. LoL 👏🏻👍🏻

  8. Dear Glenn, what music did you use in the background of this video? Can someone help me?
    /e: Found it, it's the Jokers Room and an excellent track! 🙂

  9. I have the Japanese version Fightjng Cup it’s such a a cool game it does really remind me of Tekken and Soul Caliber

  10. Never played this game but it looks like Virtual Fighter and Battle Arena Toshinden. It's really too bad that the N64 never got a Virtual Fighter. I feel the hardware on the system was made for it.

  11. I didn't play this until well after it came out when a friend brought it to my house. Lots of fun but didn't see it again until years later, and when I did I grabbed it.

  12. I wish this comes to the switch if they give me the option to have N64 and GameCube games I’ll buy it in a heart beat

  13. The review on Fighters Destiny made me think it as garbage, but here you seem to give it more praise…

  14. For me,this was better than Tekken 3 and Mortal Kombat 4.Even with Virtua Fighter,because the point system,for me,is absolutely a blast that should be used in modern fighting games,too.
    And…the best "READY…FIGHT!!" of the videogame history.
    At times,I skipped this but 10 years ago I played it and I LOVED until today^^a masterpiece underrated,a gem and a worth reason to get a N64!^^

  15. i had this and then i played tekken 1, oh my god, the difference of the games was amazing. but this game fighters destiny was forgotten

  16. Im sure i would had love this game if i knew about it back in the days. Never came around it. But these days it seem way too outdated.


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