Final Destination on Roblox! Based on the movie!


Warning: (My videos are not for kids under the age of 13. Don’t watch my videos if you are legally considered a kid. Doing so, violates the new youtube rules. I only make videos for teens and young adults. I marked this video as not for kids. This video contains mild blood and violence. Thanks for reading!)

Final Destination Roblox Edition!! In this game I made, you go through the entire Final Destination Universe, through all movies, and you try to survive death!! All of the famous movie scenes are compiled into an order, and you must try to survive each one!
Its not done yet, but there is still alot more to come!! Stay tuned, and use this promotional Roblox link to play the game please!! It will give me extra robux!

Game LINK:


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  1. Logic: human in final destination is as durability as glass and does have luck as getting no diamond by digging a diamond and don't have fight or flight sense

  2. why the hell the devil want to kill them passing to the next person ??? And why the guy who knows the next person survives


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