First Look: Bluetooth VR Gamepad Remote Control (V1)


First impressions review of the wireless Bluetooth VR remote.
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-Small and lightweight, convenient to carry. The buttons and the joystick to be responsive, none of the keys were sticky and all worked with ease. Item size: 73x31x13mm.
-Compatible with Android and PC systems. Note: Applicable on iOS system, but in limited function, it functions covering camera shutter release / music, as well as videos playback controlling.
-Three modes to choose: Mode 1: Android mouse/shutter/game; Mode2: Android music/shutter/game; Mode3: IOS shutter/game
-Bluetooth Remote Controller Can be used as bluetooth selfie shutter for mobile phones.
-Can be uses as portable remote controller for mobile phone, tablet, TV box, PC remote controls, gamepad, wireless mouse etc. It controls apps and games perfectly fine if the apps and games have controller input. (The Bluetooth of devices must be V3.0 or above).

It is easy to pair for the first time, since the device already was in pairing mode. but to enter pairing mode at a later date to pair it to another device, you need a pin to press in the small hole in the back which will press the reset button, the light on the controller will flash between red and purple when in pairing mode.
The battery gives you around 20 hours working use, the battery only takes around 30 minutes to charge depending on the charger, the controller does not come with a USB cable, it uses a Micro USB cable to charge and most android phone charges will be able to charge this controller.

1 It is applicable on iOS system, but in limited function, covering camera shutter release/music, as well as videos playback controlling.
2 Any micro USB B type cable for charging on the bluetooth remote controller, this a kind of typical USB cable commonly used on all android mobile phone and some other 5V charging device, and of course the Apple adaptor ( 5V1A/5V/2A) is applicable and useful for power supply.
3 The controller is working on or above 3.0 Bluetooth standard.
4 The connection was stable up until a 10 meter distance.

Package including:
1 x Bluetooth Remote Controller


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