GamingSins: Everything Wrong With Mass Effect 3 (REDUX)


I’ve done it.

8 Months
Over 450+ hours of replaying the entire trilogy
917 total minutes of audio recording
618,584 total frames in the video
A video nearly 2 and a half hours long

And it is complete.

It is the game that started it all. The game that led me on this path to nitpick the flaws in video games. The game that is the reason for me being the cynical gamer I am today. And now, the definitive GamingSins video is here. I was originally gonna release this video back in August of 2018 to celebrate this channel’s 5 year anniversary. But boy, am I sure glad I waited to get it done right. It’s been quite a road. But hopefully, I can finally put this game behind me and move on to better things in life.


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  1. 1:29:06
    In bad ending of Mass effect 2 you can see an entire Cerberus fleet just jump in there.
    It's not a far reach to assume they applied same tech that was used on Normandy or the fact that omega 4 relay wasn't even needed in the first place (how did all destroyed ships even got there?)

  2. Yeah the Human Reaper having a massive piece intact is like the piece of the 2nd death star from the newest star wars lol

  3. just have to correct why the reapers tried to come through the citadel, it was not just to get out of dark space it was because the citadel was the center of the galactic government in the milky way. And so by taking the citadel they would cause the rest of the galaxy to be leaderless, not to mention the citadel is also the control station of all the mass relays, so in summery the reapers wanted the citadel to take destroy the head of all citadel space and control the mass relays.

  4. Me3 was my first mass effect game and I gotta say I enjoyed it but I never wanted to finish the campaign because I really enjoyed the lore. Also because I didn't want it to end. Then I got me 1and 2 and holy shit it blew me away glitches hiccups aside I enjoyed it. I thought mass effect three could be a stand alone. It was interesting that it felt that way at least for me honestly ending left me with questions because I was like how the hell did shepard wake up on earth if shepard was on the citadel?

  5. Remember how he talked about how it shouldve gone like this
    Mass effect 1: introduce the threat
    Mass effect 2: prepare to fight the threat
    Mass effect 3: fight the threat
    Isnt that how halo went?

  6. Still my favorite gaming trilogy that I will always feel you got to play a 3 before you could say you actually played it.

  7. Woo Woo WOO! Where is this hatred of Laura Bailey coming from?? That's my Lust you're hating on!

    Is it because she's Helena in RE6 and they dressed her like Claire???? I'm betting 100 sins off the "The Last of Us 2" sins video it is!

  8. I just subscribed, rang the bell, and am now leaving a comment simply to support your feelings towards this P.O.S. game! Why did anyone like it? Who knows! Why was Mass Effect 3 ever made since 2 sucked so hard?! Who knows!

  9. 43:55 – Aaaaactually, if it’s the Corrupted Spider, it eventually turns on the Alliance and costs you EMS rating. If it’s the true Rachni Queen you saved in ME1, there are no consequences for helping her here. So to say there’s no difference or changes based on your ME1 choice is intentionally misleading. But of course this assumes the entire game isn’t a giant indoctrination attempt, which considering your nitpickiness I’m surprised you didn’t bring up the visual effects after Shepard got attacked at the very beginning of the game during the meeting of the council. Considering that those effects usually happen as a result of something changing in reality, that one moment could explain most, if not all, the sins of this game from that point onwards.

  10. Yes the Citadel was a Relay that was connected to Dark Space but I'm going to assume that it was the only one connected to Dark Space. That's why the Reapers had to go to the nearest Relay on the edge of the Galaxy. That's why you blew up the Batarian Relay to slow them down so that all the races could prepare for the invasion. Of course they didn't believe you until they were getting buttfucked by the Reapers.

    (Don't forget They had destroyed Sovereign who was the only Reaper left in the Galaxy that could open the Citadel Relay)

    (And I'm sure they were using the Collectors to create a new Reaper that would open the Citadel Relay for the Reapers in Dark Space, But once that Reaper was Destroyed too the Reapers had no choice but to fly to the nearest Relay at the edge of Dark Space.)

  11. My biggest issue with ME3 was not that they lied about the ending (though it is a massive issue I have with it). My biggest issue with ME3 is that they spent TWO ENTIRE GAMES IN THE TRILOGY promoting the narrative that "if we work together, we can beat the Reapers". Then, they spend the ENTIRE GAME of ME3 force feeding you, hammering you in the head, pounding you in the face with the complete the opposite: "we can't win by conventional means". Despite the fact that, over and over again, conventional means pulls out a victory, as you and the other races work together.

    ME3 was TLOU2 of its time.

  12. It says Geth VI but when you talk at the Normandy, the Geth name will change to Legion and back to Geth VI again.
    Me: Uhh ok. None asked the real name of the Geth (If you did not play ME2 I think)

  13. what can i say you´re right about that, you´re right about that.
    the first 2 games where ok with me but this is an crime.
    That game shows how deep bioware felt at his core.
    the bioware we all know and love is dead and this game is there grave.
    the poor people that worked on this game i´am very sorry for them because they just followed the stupit orders from above. all there time and efort wasted for stupit ideas from the higher ups. thats how the world works for hard working people in a nutshell and it´s really really sad.
    At the time i knew it that me3 was going to be a bad game including multiplayer on an rpg is and was never a good idea. so much space they wasted on the me3 blue ray for nothing. When i played this game the first time when it was released it was clear from the the start that this would be a huge letdown and a deathsentence on the me universe in general. since then i never believe anymore what developers saying and i never will be ever believe that anything what a company says would be the thruth all media not just gaming. And this was allways since then the right thing because someone can say everything what they do is what is important not what they say. words means nothing only the things you do means something in the end.

    before this game was released they sayed so much about it and in the end all they said was a lie.

  14. I see the final assault for earth begin
    checks time stamp and sees that there's 50 minutes left
    Prepares for mother of all rants

  15. I agree with every sin in this video but Mass Effect 3 wasn't without highs. I enjoyed playing as alien species online, Thanes' death was moving and Mordin curing the genophage faithfully paid off a 3 game story arc to create one of my favourite gaming moments.

  16. The evacuation scene would have made more sense if was Cortez with the shuttle making a daring last minute flyby, thus, giving a meaning to the whole Cortez character. If you took the time to develop the relationship, he survives and evacuates the squad mates, failing to do so, squad mates die.
    Wow, I just made ME3 better by thinking about it 1 minute.

  17. After 8 years of replaying ME3 I finally found peace thanks to that video. I was like 15yrs old when I started to playing that and I didn’t realised how many plot holes has that game. To be honest I started to see it’s flaws gradually only in this year and this video just made me confirm that it was badly executed. The most strong points of ME3 is nicely written personality of characters and their dynamics. Rest is shit. Honestly bioware should sail with indocrtination theory, when players give them idea on the golden plate and confirm it on Exetended Cut. They should at least give proper closure to players and not some shitty endings which didn’t make any sense since conistency in this game is nonexistent anyway. Lead writer must have been really satisfied with killing Shep and leave devoted fans without any proper farewell whatsoever. Thanks for making this video

  18. I have to sin you. An english woman (being english myself) may say crap or shit the word you should of sinned is fosset. We call them taps. So 100000 sins for lack of knowledge of english people when you thought you was being clever lol.

  19. I am fairly convinced that the reason why ME3 makes no real sense is because of the epilogue. The epilogue makes it sound as though the Reaper Invasion had happened many years prior. Meaning the news people "real" Shepard legitimately did send out numerous "war reports" to propagandize the living daylights out of the entire space faring galactic species' Reaper plights, especially Commander Shepard's Reaper Plight. This would legitimize the original ending to ME3 — Everyone failed, hopelessness and despair are EVERYONE'S only companions from here on out, and Commander Shepard ultimately failed to save as many of the then existing space faring galactic species. This also means the grandpa who is talking to his… whoever that child is to him are doomed to eventually become mindless husks because the Reapers are still actively Harvesting EVERY space faring galactic species. This planet is no different if you take a look in the background. It is fairly obvious they are very much technologically advanced.

    The second option with the epilogue is it is simply no more than just a bed time story Gramps told his… whoever that child is to him. Meaning the Ultimate Space Opera RPG was reduced to the Ultimate Cop-Out — Bedtime Story Time. Which all within itself would not only be a middle finger to literally all of us Mass Effect franchise fans, but an actual mugging. Mugged us for fistfuls of cash for a story that progressively became more nonsensical for the conveniences of telling a mere bedtime story to a little child.

    Then there was ME: Andromeda that somehow legitimized the original ME trilogy and de-legitimized it at the same gosh darn time. Yep… I honestly believe if Bioware wants to reearn their reputation at this point in time they should Remaster ME1, Remake 2 and 3. As for ME: Andromeda… rework the story so it will make actual fricken sense!! It would not be a bad thing whatsoever for the Reapers to be so very much like how Sovereign described in ME1 in ME3. For ME:A make that galaxy just another piece in the puzzle in the Reaper's identity and purpose. ME:A being that very "rendezvous point" Admiral Hackett told everyone to fall back to. Which would mean ME: A would be a direct sequel to ME3. Which is why you would have to simultaneously rebuild as many of the Milky Way's ME3's space faring galactic species in the Andromeda galaxy as well as going on glorified scouting missions to desperately look for whatever resources you can possibly find for rebuilding your defunct galactic civilizations from near scratch. Along the story line various warring organic species in the Andromeda galaxy begins to take notice of the Milky Way's space faring species' presences and begins to pick on them however they can initially. It would be a mighty intriguing plot point or series of plot points for those Andromeda species to completely dismiss the existence of the Reapers.

    This would provide the excellent reasoning for why Harbinger prematurely left Earth's surface after he thought he had killed Shepard. It would of been your crewmates who came back less than a minute after Harbinger left the Earth's surface to high Earth orbit. Which would of made it possible for you to be able to play as Commander Shepard for ME:A.

  20. And that's why i have play the ending only once or twice, i can stand most of the rest of the game, and i do love the idea and concept enough to have this game as one of my favorites, that been said with so much mistakes and middle fingers to the fans is hard no get annoyed sometimes, for example i love LI in games and while ME ones were kinda lame on how linear they are they at least were diverse enough to keep me interested, comes ME3 and the only meaningful LI is Tali since you actual development and story center around it, all others LI get demoted to 3-5 conversations, at the same time the games tries really hard to push Liara to the front as a LI and forgets she is a shadow broker, hell no one is suppose to know that aside of Shepard and the other guy but still everyone knows, fucking Wrex who is not even in the team since ME1 knows

  21. It was very nitpicky. Not gonna argue, that is your style of video. But yeah, feels wrong not seeing Mark Vanderloo’s face when talking about mass effect and if female, the default face. Damn the girls got shafted on this one. Plus the ranks thing was insane, Shepard was always called commander, they were promoted possibly once from Lt. Cmdr. to Cmdr. But aren’t military officials promoted one or two ranks posthumously? He should be Admiral by then. Was promoted for saving the galaxy, then promoted again posthumously.

  22. For a second I was tempted to start commenting on things you said, but then I remembered this is 2.5 hours long…

  23. I can see the flaws also what i cant see is why anyone who hates a game as much as you seem to would ever play it long enough to gather this much footage and know this much about it. Seems to me if you are this much against it just dont play it that easy LMFAO. This is kind of like the socalled rangers an special forces watching war movies just to pick out the flaws that noone would ever see if they werent professional soldiers. Best solution i see is <Quit playing games you dont like>

  24. Wait is that little shit supposed to be the kid from the start of the game? Also of all things, why is the thing controlling the main villains of the series a child?

  25. Here's another insult. Apparently, a possible writer for the game might have also helped with the official prima strategy guide. If you ever find the official strategy guide, skip all the way to the end and look at the endings you can get based on choices and Galatic readiness.
    Yes, I am not kidding. When I picked up this book and skipped to the end, I was like 'Man, that does not match up to what we were given at all.'
    Here's one, the lowest score possible and all the bad choices, reapers kill you all.
    The best possible score and choices, the reapers are killed. Yes, killed. There is no integration or synthesis with organics and machines.
    Which means the book had the original idea of how the game was supposed to go. And I bet, if you check out how the final levels are done, it would be very different than to what we have now.

  26. What a coincidence that two months after this video was released, ME3 and ME Andromeda were released on steam, with the former finally coming to steam after 8 years. Is this secretly the doing of GCN? The world may never know.

  27. Until somebody tell me the correct number I’m going to say that this game has 1 Mother-Truck-Stuck-Gluck-Tuck-Duck-Yuck-Buck-Pluck-Suck-Luck-Muck-Cluck-Fucktillion, 571 Truck-Stuck-Gluck-Tuck-Duck-Yuck-Buck-Pluck-Suck-Luck-Muck-Cluck-Fucktillion, AND… 5 Motherfuckin’ sins!


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