GamingSins: Everything Wrong with Mortal Kombat X


Welcome to GamingSins where we nitpick the hell out of video games.

Well, here you go, people. By far our most requested video game requested to be sinned so far this year. And it’s a LONG one, the longest GamingSins video of ours to date. This game is a lot of fun, no doubt. Possibly the best Mortal Kombat game to date. But as you can see, it is certainly filled with sins….and it deserves them.


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  1. I'm kinda wondering if you could do ,, everything wrong with Mortal Kombat 11" video anytime soon?? @GCN 😀
    BTW it's June 29th and game is out like a year ago sooooo…….

  2. It’s been 4 years but you missed the fact that Kano got his eye gauged out and when you fight him he still somehow has it

  3. Quan Chi's weakened state… I can't imagine his balls ever being the same after Sonya stomped on them with those boots on.

  4. Hanzo declaring to Quan Chi that his name is Hanzo Hasashi and not Scorpion is essentially him denouncing the time he spent as a revenant under Quan Chi's service. Don't try to make a "fuck you Scorpion fans" moment out of that

  5. "Pre-order bonuses are completely full of shit" god i hope that remains true for MK11 i missed my chance in getting the MK Deception Sub Zero skin and that game will for ever remain my childhood.

  6. There's a stage fatality on one map it's the map where reptile, ermac and the other guy where beaten up and where Devorah stole the amulet

  7. He knows that scorpion and sub zero are Asian and honor bound because ninja assassins? Right? I definitely feel like he didn’t actually look into the lore regarding the two of them. Like. Quan Chi made scorpion believe sub zero killed his clan but sub zero knew he didn’t and when scorpion found out the trust he stayed close and protected sub zero. But was slightly distrustful when frost attacked him. He thought he was being betrayed. 🤷🏻‍♂️ they’re having tea to discuss peace between them and discuss the deeper interactions of the world. They’re bowing to their friendship.


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