Halloween Scare Prank! Human Chair Photo Trick!


The Human Chair Prank strikes again, Halloween style. We have a lot more coming for you! Subscribe: #humanchair #dareyoutosit Stick around for the outtakes and fails! PLEASE SHARE, Like and Comment on our video!

Watch magician, mentalist and prankster Rich Ferguson startle unsuspecting customers at San Luis Obispo’s Rocket Fizz ! You’ve seen Rich do this prank on Jay Leno to politicians and on The Today Show getting celebrities in the green room! Here’s a Halloween edition of The Human Chair! Enjoy! As victims enter the store, they see a comfy looking chair with a welcoming sign, “Welcome! Have a seat and enjoy a treat!” The manager also sets people up and directs people to the prank by suggestion they take a memorable photo opportunity in the chair… along side all the Halloween decorations and movie characters. Getting someone to fall for our prank has never been so easy;)

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For the many that keep suggestion/commenting, “Do not scream or move, just whisper weird things in their ears”- It might sound like a good idea, but it’s horrible in real life application. It gets NO reaction. Trust us, we’ve done it many times. Thanks.

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Call it what you want – a joke, trick, piece of mischief, escapade, stunt, caper, jape, game, hoax, antic, magic trick, scare, surprise, set up, gag or practical joke, we love the Human Chair!

You rock. Have a killer Halloween.

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  1. Im curious if he ever gets a boner when the women sits down on his lap or I meant to say his chair cushions…😁

  2. I did that a Halloween party and I got 9 phone numbers from women, got slapped 13 times, and 5 girls passed out that was a excellent time.

  3. Good way to get ass without asking for it
    I'll try being a toilet seat for easier axcess I'll probably run through a box of condoms in no time thoe


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