How to Create Wealth with Promissory Notes


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A promissory note is a legal instrument that functions like an IOU; it lists that the borrower agrees to pay back the loan and outlines the repayment terms. Typically, a promissory note is an agreement not regulated by the government—used for notes like private loans. This can be a great way to either borrow or lend, depending on your specific financial goals.

In this video, Natali and I are discussing some ground rules for setting up promissory notes. We’ll talk about the basic mechanics, why and how to set up a promissory note, and sharing how to get a promissory note template!

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  1. Wow! I can't believe you're giving this information for free. Most people don't comprehend that debt is actually an asset, as long as you're the creditor.

  2. This couple is a sell out. A promossary note is money to that of the value of federal notes-bill you can pay off debts directly with a promossary note you created out of thin air by the signing of your signature

  3. Their deceiving you that's not the function of a promossary note that's the process the banks wants the sheeps to believe

  4. Why would you use worthless federal Reserve notes too create a promissory note have you lost your marbles seriously. The people are the holders in due course the people are the creditor's / payors not the recipient / debtor's idiot's my god who do you work for lol .

  5. U cannot borrow the down payment on a house. U must explain with paper trail where ur down payment coming from.

  6. We are in that situation, we are not qualified for traditional loans because of our student loans. We have 2 businesses and co owner another large business but still can’t qualify because we did go in debt to create those businesses. We rent our current home because we want to live in a good school district but we wanted a loan to buy a house to rent to others because we believe in acquiring assets not liability. Because we can’t get a conventional loan we are trying to save the money to buy our first rental property so it is taking longer for us. We need to find a good investor to do a promissory note😂😂

  7. I dk about this. If they can’t borrow from the bank, it’s because there is a good reason. Most likely they will not pay you back and there is no way to get that money back lol

  8. I been wanting to ask you about notes for a good minute now. I am currently taking a class by Jeff Armstrong the 4th notorious note buyer in the United States. its like owning rental property.


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