Hwasa Makes Four People Drool With Gopchang [Home Alone Ep 247]


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  1. It might be like this way:

    After you got your massage therapy, you must go downstairs on thiz restaurant and eat those delicious foods. Hwasa's effect all over Korea and also here in the? Philippines 🇵🇭

  2. If your idol doesn't eat like this, don't call it 'eating a lot.' Hwasa just did THAT, literally slurping every food on that table 😋

  3. shes right the organs perfect specially that stew, i ordered seconds and 2 sojus then end up drunk after i paid the owner help me get to a nearest hotel cos i cant walk straight.

  4. She’s living the life while I’m sitting on my bed in sweatpants, messy bun, and oversized t-shirt eating ice cream and watching YouTube and Netflix

  5. i dont know why, but i enjoy watching Hwasa eat, do you as well? because i really do and it satisfies me😆😆😆😆😆

  6. I just discovered these videos of Hwasa eating and now I can’t stop watching!Someone help 😭 we Stan ladies with healthy appetites

  7. It went from a tiny restaurant on the brink of going out of business to becoming a massive chain restaurant all over Korea, wow.

  8. Hwasa : i like organs..heart and liver

    Me: your little heart goes pitter patter
    I want your liver on a platter
    Use your finger to stir my tea
    Be too sweet and you'll be a gonner
    I am canibal caniballlll i'll eat you up

  9. No offence but i dont like to eat organs but Hwasa was the first to make me drool and made me crave for organs.


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