I Played EVERY Claw Machine at the Arcade!


I’m at Tilt Studios arcade and I play EVERY single claw machine! They have a variety of claw machines including Big Choice, Tickets, Huge claw machine and more! I do a challenge to see how many prizes I can win from all of the claw machines at this arcade! I use my tips and tricks to win at the claw machine, no hacks or cheats needed! Let’s play and see how much I can win from all the crane games!

Filmed at Tilt Studios Arcade in Ohio Valley Mall.

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About Arcade Matt:

I make arcade videos! My passion started with the claw machine and continued to arcade ticket games. I also play games that give prizes like Stacker and Keymaster. The coin pusher is also another favorite – some I play winning money, others I win arcade tickets. On some games I even show how to win. If you love anything about the arcade, subscribe for new videos every week, and let’s play!


I Played EVERY Claw Machine at the Arcade!

Arcade Matt

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  1. – What was your favorite win?

    – Watch More Claw Machine Videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KNpqCTg5ONk&list=PLDnBnyet6arVrYHKZhv5EvbxsPuFoo8x1&index=6&t=0s

  2. Hey Matt do you member when you went to that Glah machine place that one time and you’re trying to get the dog and the secret life of pets two his name is Max

  3. The very first memory I have of winning from a claw; I was 7 and won a two in one. I've since won 5 two in ones! My best friends now call me claw queen because I won so often 😅 I'd estimate at least three times a year 😅


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