javaScript promises explained tutorial


How Promises in JavaScript work and how to use them. Explained in a very simple language with real world example.

JavaScript promises example
How to use promises in JavaScript

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  1. At the beginning of the video he mentioned the callback function so I saw that he had a video on this subject suggested by youtube, I paused this video and went to learn about the callback function. When I returned to this video I realized that I had used the same principle as a callback function hahah

  2. Like others on this topic you didn't demo an actual asynchronous call, you just resolved the promise immediately which makes it basically just a weird function call. I don't see how the blocking behavior happens, with the code there, anything asynchronous would just reject immediately.

  3. every time I have to prepare for interview questions I always visit this site for better understanding and again clearing my concepts..and for a revision. No where I see such a nice explanation with very simple examples..

  4. Hi just a question on the last part using the race function. Based off on your initial explanations prior to this alternative you said that as for the concept functions are dependent on previous promises but at the end you mentioned race which is invoked by 1 function completed. Then in the race the base function would always win?? as te others are dependent of this base promise?? Otherwise it should be a relay function not a race..You mentioned the then function triggers after after being resolved then does it mean that your method chain at the bottom code will not run at all if the cleanRoom promise is rejected?

  5. Could you help me, please. Well, first let me thank you for all those wonderful videos you took time to produce and share online. God bless you for that.

    I am knew to JS and I am onto learning those promises. So I saw other sources saying that Catch is not for catching Reject state, although it works there too. Catch should be for catching an unexpected error. Rather Then has (or can have) two functions as parameters – first one for Resolve, the second for Reject.

    I hope I am bringing a constructive question.

    Also from your example where the result is – finished Cleaned The Room remove Garbage won Icecream. So seems it does not start from first to last. Seems like "finished" i.e. last Then comes with empty param, then it goes back to first. Could elaborate on that.

    Thank you.

  6. very nicely explained,
    I've been struggling in understanding ES6 concepts through MDN and other websites.
    so thankful that u created this playlist.

  7. its Very easy way to understand the promises concept.I watched so many videos ,but i cleared after watching this…Thanks


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