Longplay of Godzilla: Destroy All Monsters Melee


Longplay of Godzilla: Destroy All Monsters Melee, played as the NTSC version on the GameCube. This game’s version was released on Oct. 8th, 2002. Please give the video a like! Timecodes are below:

00:25 – Opening
04:35 – Adventure: Godzilla 90’s vs. Anguirus
05:56 – Adventure: Godzilla 90’s vs. Megalon
08:21 – Adventure: Godzilla 90’s vs. King Chidorah
10:57 – Adventure: Godzilla 90’s vs. Gigan
13:11 – Adventure: Godzilla 90’s vs. Rodan
16:15 – Adventure: Godzilla 90’s vs. Destoroyah
18:02 – Adventure: Godzilla 90’s vs. Mecha Chidorah
20:54 – Adventure: Godzilla 90’s vs. Mechagodzilla
24:15 – Credits

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  1. I remember buying this game off eBay and the total costs of shipping and clearance costs and the actual item were over $45 together, only to find out the game didn't even work. This game was actually planned for 7 months back but here it is.

    It's an arcade fighter type of game where you play and fight with monsters. I found the controls to be a bit unresponsive and slow, making the whole game a bit frustrating to play but maybe that's just because I wanted to rush through it.

    I wasn't too fond of it but I know many people are and that's probably because not often you'll play an arcade fighter where you get to play with Godzilla

  2. Godzilla war immer mein Held im Kino aber nur der Originale nicht diese Neuen Godzilla. Godzilla ist Kult.

  3. Playing This Whis,Good Friends In Cousins On The,Gamecube Was The Best Times Has a Kid😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊

  4. I've always been a lifelong fan of Godzilla, but the planets realigned and rejuvenated my interests in the games. Been replaying a lot of the older ones, but didn't wanna dig up my GameCube just to play this again, so I'm happy a solid Longplay exists! I'm not a huge fan of fighting games in general, so I've long been disappointed that's mostly what we get from Godzilla games. Still, I had a lot of fun with this back in the day, so it was nice to see it in action again.

  5. There is another game called Godzilla the video game it came out in North America in 2015 for the PS3 and PS4

  6. I had this as a kid but I never played much of it, because I never had any interest in anything Godzilla. The disc doesn't even work anymore so whatever. The intro reminds me of Sonic Adventure though


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