Making a multiplayer Zombie survival game – Devlog #1


I always wanted to create a multiplayer game for PC, I decided to create a Zombie Survival game. This devlog series describes my progress and my struggles while developing the game.

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  1. Gave up? You wouldn’t be the first. I think first is to figure out which service to use for multiplayer. Unless you already know. In that case tell me? 🙂

  2. I could hear you have the Danish Accent in you, so I was like hmm
    he seems Danish.

    So I checked your ABOUT and saw Denmark.

    Just found your channel, seems interesting 🙂

  3. hi,i was searching for a recent devlog and i was recommended this video..
    Cool video,and im really happy that this is the first episode
    I look forward to be part of the whole series
    Watching things grow from the start is really wonderful

  4. Hi, I'm your new subscriber, I wish you good luck, and I will have a request, could you leave the scripts in the description. Please you're just doing everything so fast that I can't keep up

  5. I like what i see and i think this will be a cool game to play with friends. I'm looking forward to it's release.

  6. Dude! Pls make a shop system for a game.. a merchant, idk, i rlly need them to make games and i dont found any video about it. Please

  7. I've been using 3ds max for over 20 years in my spare time as a hobby. Need any models let me know. can do for free.

  8. Great video 👌
    I loved the thumbnail too, made me click on the video.

    I'm also working on a co-op zombie survival game. Wish you luck!

  9. Should make it a survival game like apocalypse has the character physics and map of like that one popular android zombie game where u scavenge n shit kill zombies


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