Minecraft: Escape The Room / Custom Maps


Okay! Here’s another “Escape This” sort of map that I noticed on PlanetMinecraft called ‘Escape The Room’ by Minegeek360. Do you want me to play your map? Send it to me using the link in the description!



– Send me your map using this form:



– Escape The Room



This video also contains the Royalty Free Music track: “Drifting Away from the World” by Teknoaxe.


Thanks for watching, hope you enjoyed.

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  1. I came back to planet minecraft, looking through my old projects.
    All I can say is thank you for making this video 😉
    'tis truly great.

  2. Ben,don't be upset with your your views despite having many subscribers,the important thing is,there are many people who think you are awesome,and to me,you are the perfect pewdiepie without the toilet jokes,sex jokes,and profanities which sometimes spoil the games he is playing.Live an enjoyable life,mate.

  3. Man, that was clever. I dont think I'd have figured it out lol. Then again, I'm bad at all this minecraft-y stuff so…

  4. WOW! EVEN I WOULDN'T BE ABLE TO DO THIS MAP! Intelligic, you are so clever in these and you also know lots about redstone and stuff as I have learnt by watching this! (when you figured out what to do with that redstone thing) HOW DO YOU WORK THESE PUZZLES OUT??!! Intelligic, I am impressed…

  5. Working on a new Chunk Error guys – as well as State of Decay, Amnesia etc… Just some stuff to fill in the gap between now and then. =)


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