PBS "The Game" kids' block interstitials 1 – ca. 1997


Promos, short films and interstitials from “The Game,” PBS afternoon/evening children’s programming aired on KERA around or after 1997. (Not to be confused with the film “The Game,” which you should probably let the kids skip.) This batch is from before “Arthur” and the following show, “The Magic School Bus.”
* Glitchy mystery ad at beginning of recording. (Possibly local ad for “The Game” block – I can make out some Bill Nye and maybe Wishbone.)
* “Wishbone” promo (You will have that one part of the theme song in your head for the rest of the day.)
* A Bite of “Newton’s Apple” – A fairly interesting 3-minute segment from 1996 about bubble gum – what’s in it, why regular gum just isn’t the same, and the best way to blow the biggest bubbles. Includes 3M sponsor tag and KTCA (now TPT) production card at the end.
* “This Is PBS” network ID (The “grown-up” one.)
* Primestar sponsor tag for PBS’ Ready to Learn service
* “The Game” intro (Starring various playing pieces: Colleen Collect, Gulp, Kline Westwood, Ms. B, .Fraid Knot and Gumball. Kind of bizarrely awesome.)
* “The Game” bumper with local station ID
* Local sponsor tags for “Arthur”: JCPenney and Quaker Oats products at Tom Thumb
* “Arthur” sponsor tags, including short spots for Baby Gap (you really had to specify that the Gap owns Baby Gap?), Polaroid, and Libby’s Juicy Juice.
* PBS kids’ network ID (The brightly colored animated one, with the dog toting a balloon designating the previous show as “Educational/Informational” programming. I took out repeats of national sponsor messages before this and local ones after it.)
* A 30-second animation accompanying a poem about looking up at the moon and imagining someone else looking up at it and imagining you. (Written by Lynn Tomlinson, who also produced and animated this spot.)
* “The Game” station ID bumper
* Local “Magic School Bus” sponsor tag for The Science Place at Fair Park (part of what is now the Perot Museum of Nature and Science).
* “The Magic School Bus” sponsor tags, including a spot for Microsoft Home (Whither Encarta?)

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  1. Oh yes, I remember the game. These interstitials were crazy. I can’t believe how much footage must have been lost over the years

  2. In this video is the "Magic School Bus" funding the opening or the closing funding credits? (Hint: I know for sure that it is the Season 2 version; not the Season 3 version. But in Seasons 2 and 3, the "Corporation for Public Broadcasting" and "Viewers Like You" phrases were in those 2 seasons. Not in Season 1 though. But since it has the "Microsoft Home" logo in it, it is the "Season 2" version.)

  3. замечательный вечер! Мне очень приглянулось ваше видео!

  4. I had no idea magic school bus aired on PBS kids. I remembered it aired later on fox kids and currently the qubo channel.

  5. Awesome!!! I used to watch PBS all the time when I was little, although I just remembered watching the game a few moments ago.

  6. Hi – I'm Lynn Tomlinson, and I produced and animated the spot with the moon. I wrote the text as well. Nice to see people remember and appreciate it!

  7. Anyone have that PBS Kids animation with kids arguing over playing ball, one of them says "Stop! We're wasting time!" and "If we work together, we can all share!" and they toss the ball into the air? I have not seen that one since I was little and would really appreciate it if someone could post it on YouTube.

  8. Does anybody have the newer intro to Newton's Apple of seasons 12 through 15 that plays the same music as the one in this video and could upload it? I've looked all over the internet for the newer Newton's Apple theme with that sounds more orchestrated and could not find it anywhere. All I could find was the older one that's synthesized and performed by the musical group Kraftwerk. If you can, thanks.

  9. WOW!! I just had a nostalgic attack! O_O
    For years I vaguely remember some kind of board game that was shown between the PBS kids shows back then,but I couldn't find it…until now!!
    Thanks to you VCRchivist!!!

  10. @ravengurl92 That one and the 1993 PBS Kids logo gave me nightmares as a kid too. Though in this case, the creepiness factor probably goes up because they used a noticeably different announcer than the rest of the credits.


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