PERFECTION – Short Horror Game About …Acceptance?


Pickle is perfect no matter what this game says.

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  1. this game is about acceptance. Acceptance is a phobia where your scared of imperfection and when I watched mark play this it gave me nightmares it also happens when I watch dark deception

  2. It was nice Indie game …Congrats for the great work .We really like your videos keep up the good work …..

  3. I had just made the Zelda call about that toon then you said it …lol it did sound like the Saria's song ( from the lost woods) .

  4. Perfection is a funny concept.

    We all know that there is a perfect state. The good ol, 100%.
    However, we also know that this state is unachieveable because to err is to be alive.
    So, by acting as if perfecting ourselves is possible, what we are actually doing is empowering our weaknesses to seem more than they are and as something to combat rather than to learn to understand.

    This is not to say to never work on improvement.
    This is to say there is balance in all things, even in you, and balance is stability and from stability you can grow strong.

  5. I wonder if the "showed promising signs of bravery" would change, if instead of walking straight to the monster at the end, you turned around and walked/ran away. hmmm

  6. I totally agree that it sounds like a LoZ song, but I was thinking like one of the merchant songs from OoT but now i can't unhear the Lost Woods song.

  7. "You like it when I spin for ya?!" I fucking died. Kravin check out The Works of Mercy – Indie Horror I think you'll get a kick out of!

  8. Reminds me of that Courage the Cowardly Dog episode, Perfect. The teacher in that was just as much of an ass as those people are. O.o That dog's nightmares gave ME nightmares.

  9. Is downloading games on safe? I really don't want virus due to spending 3000 bucks on a gaming pc. Is it "really safe"?

  10. This would make an awesome party game. Although, I do wonder why the protagonist looks like Mr. Clean if he broke out of the local mental asylum.

  11. I really liked the "monster" design and the atmosphere this was building. Would definitely be interested to see more if they expand on it.


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