Promissory Note, Deed Of Trust, and Deed Explained


Promissory Note, Deed Of Trust, and Deed Explained

There is a lot of confusion over the difference of what a promissory note is and then what the deed of trust and deed are and what they do. Today I give you a basic breakdown on how to under stand the difference between the deed and deed of trust and also what the promissory note is. If you do not understand the fundamentals first it will be hard to be successful at the business. I hope you have a better understanding of the deed and deed of trust and how the promissory note works after todays video.

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  1. wouldn't the deed of trust be requiring that the ownership of the property be given to a third party (trustee)? You had mentioned that the promissory note allows for the property ownership to remain with the borrower?

  2. Does this work the same way on rental property loans, using a 30 year fixed rate mortgage – obviously with adjusted terms, but is the process the same?

  3. I have the case that broke this whole nonsense wide open. Every time you sign your signature on a dotted line, that item is paid for. The proof is in this case out of Alabama, and the testimony of the Man who Drew up the scrutinizion for the Banks. Damn deed get your title then you are the owner, deed keeps you the leasor or tenant in the house your paying for…

  4. Very informative, thanks for explaining real issues, not just asking to sign up for the course like other real estate influencers do. Love your channel!

  5. Offering the property as collateral makes it a security offering, even if it’s through a promissory note. We then run in Regulation D issues with accredited/non-accredited limitations

  6. I just met with a mortgage broker for the first time to talk about purchasing my first investment property! Not going about it in the creative ways to begin with, but I'll get there 🙃


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