The 8-Bit Eric Show – Spiritual Warfare (NES) Review


In this video, I review what is in my opinion, the best Bible game out there. Spiritual Warfare. A Zelda clone. Check it out!

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  1. You left out of the fact if you walked into the bar you got penalized all to hell and back…… I remember when i was a kid playing that game thinking hey bar, bet there all kinda bad guys in there i can get spirit points off of beating them….. OH GOD NO!!!! You get chastized and shit taken from you.

  2. I played that video game Spiritual Warefare as a kid, one of my favourite games 😊 In reality, spiritual warefare is not a game, it is very real. We are at war with true evil: Satan and his demons. It's not something to take lightly and it's not something to mess around with. The devil/demons don't want you to be holy, they don't want you to know the Lord. Their sole purpose is to lie and deceive people and to take down as many people as possible. If you think I'm bluffing, read Ephesians 6:10-18

  3. oh, I'm gonna write out a nice long story for this game… but I will wait until I beat it because… it's a legitimately well designed game (so far).
    Let's get this out of the way – I'm atheist. I picked this up as a lark. But when I realized I'd been playing for…
    an hour !?
    crappy games don't initiate temporal anomalies like that. They just don't.

  4. Man, this was my absolute favorite game when I was a kid. I got it for Christmas whrn I was about 7 and played it until my NES crapped out some time in the late 90's. Never did beat that final boss, that fight was hard as shit.

  5. Funny story, my best friend and I created a game with all the art, story line, and items ideas they would need to make a new game and sent it to the Wisdom Tree company for consideration in a big overstuffed manila envelope. We really thought we could create a game and style for them that would change the playing field in their success. About a month later they sent us a return letter saying they could not use our game materials or ideas because they could not afford to give us any of the royalties. To our surprise though they did not send us back our material. So we could not send it to any other game company because we did not make copies of all our work. We were like 12 or 13 years old so we did not think about doing this. We had named it Spiritual Warrior and it was supposed to have the Castlevania side scroller concept and you would time travel all the way to present time collecting the full armor of God. One of the sub- weapons was called the fruit of God that you would throw at enemies but the sword of God was the main weapon that would slowly turn into a sword covered in Gods fire hence the idea of Gods wrath blade. In between levels the player would have to solve biblical riddles to gain mana for attributes. Then after a period of time a new game came out released by Wisdom Tree which would also be their last. The name of this game was Spiritual Warfare that is almost exactly like our game idea but tweaked a few details making it theirs. Although I cannot prove it what so ever It is super evident what they did with our ideas. Funny enough or strangely enough when they finished the game they did not add credits so no one got credit for it other than the company name so we really do not have any bragging rights. The really awesome thing is it ended as one of their best games of all. This may sound bogus but it is very true; just sad they could not be honest with us. I still own the game to this day. Excellent review video by the way.

  6. we can all agree that cops are evil, you can see them at the airport especially, i guess looking for people who have god's herbal creations on them…with invincible dogs, lol

  7. It would be nice to have a way better detailed game like this with today's gaming generation, software and hardware. It seems like games nowadays can have every other evil, weird, and sexually lewd thing in it. I remember seeing it but I never got a chance to play it.

  8. You know what? I clapped after this review.. but then again I'm also drunk XD Nice review man, keep keep keep keep keep it up X)

  9. It has the potential to come off as slightly offensive to some, but I personally thought it was very funny.

  10. Saw a copy of this at Goodwill and was interested because it's a black nes cartridge so ended up paying $2 for it…Then look on the web for a review and find one by somebody somewhat frequently on the game chasers….might end up giving this a shot just for laughs.

  11. Totally friggin' awesome game… The gameboy/gamegear versions are even more rare actually. The rarest of them all (wisdom tree games) is the gameboy version of the NIV Bible with list levels of Jericho (a game… if you can call it that, I owned once) – look it up on Google "rarest gameboy games" or go to "price" and see what that bad boy fetches. Anyway… As Eric said, Spiritual Warfare is a pretty great game and comes highly recommended ESPECIALLY if you're looking for and old school video game with wholesome themes but don't want to sacrifice actually playing a good game to do so. Wisdom Tree hit a home run with this one for sure. Interesting side note… When I was a teenager, I wrote Wisdom Tree and received a letter back with an invitation to a video game convention in Denver, CO. Some of the developers from Wisdom Tree wanted to meet me because of some ideas for Christian video games I had included in my letter. One of them was (haha get this…) A Christian fighting game ala street fighter where you could be David vs. Goliath, Samson vs. Philistines, an Angel vs. a Demon, etc etc… They were apparently impressed. 🙂 Sadly when I called some stupid lady at the convention center she gave me the wrong day and time and we showed up after it ended. I'll never forget walking into the empty place with just a few displays up and people tearing stuff down. I was crushed! :P. So I always wondered if I'd only met them if I could've been a have developer lol 😉

  12. Nothing is as awesome as getting preached to in the form of a quiz as a reward for killing. Lol This was a great review as always dude; you were also correct in stating that some of the enemies are offensive. As for the two guys saying that killing people wearing turbans at the airport was ok at that time, because that is the "way it was", read a few books. Sikhs also wear turbans and they have been fighting for many years against the same radical groups that the Christians do now; those two guys are probably the same people that think all Hispanic people are Mexican. The sad part is that people like them are the majority.

  13. but there were Hare Krishna at the airport at the time so that isn't a stereotype, it's just the way it was in the early 90's. The sailors being gay is not conclusive because you throw fruit at EVERYONE – it just seems that the makes place certain character types in their respective atmospheres. Makes sense. Also, i feel like bitching about an NES game not having an epic ending is like complaining about having a dog that barks all the time; you don't play Nintendo games for an amazing conclusion… it's all about the journey to get there. Lastly, the original Zelda didn't have much of a storyline, as you mistaken mentioned.

    by the way, I used to love the game!

  14. 4:33 money farming part. Too bad you can only hold 255.

    Also, technically no one dies in the game. The "death" animation is them dropping to their knees in prayer.

    As for the sailors, others you come across include business men, kids playing in the street,  construction and demolition workers, basketball players in the park, etc. Pretty much all sorts of people. You mention the "hindus" (they're Krishnas, which is a hindu sect known for proselyting at airports back in the '70s and '80s, around when this game was made) but you also face airplane repair guys, security, and passengers.

    The reason you can't "kill" the dogs is because they cannot be saved. They attack because that's natural for them / what they are trained to do by their masters. Same with the Bear, though I believe the bees can be killed for some reason.

  15. Thanks for this review. I played this game recently, and rather liked it. Wondering if I was insane, I checked to see the census, and I was generally reassured. Thank you!

  16. Really??? Reviewing and old game makes you a ripoff the most popular reviewer? He's nothing like AVGN. Every youtuber has their own personality.

  17. I actually like this game much more than the original Legend of Zelda. Far more varied locations and just more interesting overall. Plus, the difficulty ramps up nicely over the course of the game. Piece of cake at first, but by the time you're in hell… it FEELS like hell! Demons rush you every time you enter a new screen and it's awesome.

  18. the irony of cursing up a storm while reviewing a Bible game…. shame… but really… love this game, wish they would make modern Bible games

  19. I grew up with this game as a kid because we got sent a sample game from wisdom tree and it was this. Thanks for sparking my nostalgia goggles!

  20. haha…good video. My first NES game was the bible game Exodus and oh man did I love that game and I still do. I dont remember playing this one as a kid, but im trying to get a hold of a copy now. Looking forward to giving it a try. Funny thing is where I grew up we had a Christian book store that rented all these games out. I think some get a bit more of a bad wrap than they deserve, but some definatly have flaws. haha…ahh welll..its all good fun.

  21. WOW..I have a piece of historia obscura…maybe I'll put it on E-Bay… Just Kipling!! Hope you had a great Helloween Eric!


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