The Breaker New Waves Chapter 201 Manhwa Finale Review – 브레이커NW


The Breaker New Waves Chapter 201 브레이커NW is the final chapter of Part 2. Its sad to see it go after following it for awhile. I will be waiting for Part 3 to return. Once it does I will review it.

Love you all so much thank you for all the support!
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  1. I binge read the whole series in about 2 weeks and i really would have pace myself if i new was going have to wait for the next part……lol sad face amazing series

  2. im gonna subscribe to you because I hope that in a few years (when season 3 starts) you'll make a video about it to remind me

  3. I started when I was 17 like 4 years ago
    its a great manhwa it was a great read I just feel really bad it ended up this way
    but I'll wait in hopes it'll continue and not suddenly stop because its author felt too lazy for it like usual

  4. CHIBI > Tale of Eun Aran
    It is very similar to the breaker but at a much faster paste i like it so far you should check it out.

  5. The Breaker will continue? But the creators will take some time off and work on other projects. Season 3 will come.

  6. I really hope someone picks up the license on this series and other manhwa's like Tower of God and The God of High School

  7. Hey chibi, I'm just throwing this out there, but I just caught up to a manwha called Wake up Deadman. It's 72 chapters and I believe it's still ongoing it's a really good read with really likeable characters!

  8. I've read this series since the first day it was released for a couple years now I'm really sad too see it go on hiatus but I'm also glad at shioon's growth as a character

  9. This manwa was one of the best Korean manga I've ever read since the beginning of breaker I've loved it since the first chapter tell me what you liked disliked about breaker chibi

  10. I've been reading it since 2010.  When they announce the third installment, I'll binge read the first and second installments so I can freshly pick it back up.

    I'm glad you mentioned Tower of God.  I will admit it's a little slow at first but it's well worth the read when they introduce all the characters.  Another Manhwa I recommend, especially if you like Breaker's action and fight scenes, you would love Noblesses.

  11. @Chibi Reviews I haven't read a single chapter of the Breaker but, I enjoy watching your reviews.

    I have certain of your reviews like Plastic Memories, Dungeon Girl, Yuki etc that, I won't watch until I, have watch the episode but, Hibiki I normally watch when, you post it.

  12. For me it's 10/10 Manhwa. But I still prefer part 1 just because my favorite character 9 AD is in it more. 

    Can't wait for part 3!!

  13. Definitely pick up Girls of the Wild's. A bit slow at first and the pacing is… Well let's just say it's more character driven rather than plot-focused. But the themes are deep, it's funny as fuck and the art is pretty good too.

  14. Read God of high school it is really good I have to say the martial art is good like the breaker new waves and the story as well


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