Things to take care while using proguard in Android App


Things to take care while using proguard in Android applications. When using a Model or Entity class, fragments, reflection, custom views, 3rd party library, and NDK.

What is Proguard and how to use it to reduce APK size in Android?:

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  1. I'd recommend to dig into R8 now. It's the Proguard replacement since 2018 that is compatible with the old proguard keep commands:

  2. Really good explanation

    So how I can make my classes secure (so that the fields for making an API call wouldn't be exposed during reverse engineering) if I exclude those classes in Progaurd, I don't want that someone reverse engineer the app and get the information about classes that are not been obfuscated. Is there any solution or I have to compromise over security for feasibility?

  3. Hello, I'm writing from Colombia, I like your videos but I wanted to ask a favor, can you add the subtitles? For those of us who live in Latin America and don't have a good base in English, we lose a little of the idea you want to express when we don't understand something and the subtitles would help us a lot. Thank you.

  4. I'm using GreenRobot's EvemtBus, and have also applied the pro-guard rules provided with the library, but still, app crashes. Do I need to keep all the classes using EventBus?

  5. Is there any possibility to use it except that don't use Proguard. If I don't apply Proguard on most of the code then its better to off this.


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