Which Nintendo 64 Fighting Games Are Worth Playing Today? (Part 2)


Our tour through the N64’s fighting game library concludes with a detailed look at Midway’s War Gods and Mace: The Dark Age, along with lesser-known stuff like Dark Rift and Deadly Arts. Are any of these worth playing nowadays? Let’s find out!

(Also highly recommended but not present during this stream: Rakuga Kids, Killer Instinct Gold, and Mortal Kombat Trilogy. Turns out the N64 had a pretty good variety of one-on-one fighters after all!)

This episode was originally broadcast on 2/28/18 via the Retro Pals Twitch channel. Join us every Wednesday at 7 PM Central for friendly chat and in-depth discussion about gaming history!

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  1. Once you figured out the moves, fighter's destiny was actually a really cool game. Never played part two but the original was really fun. My cousin and I would go back and forth for hours.

  2. They really talked up WarGods presentation back in the day. The models were actually textured with actor's scans. They were also among the first to feature seamless geometry. It really was a technical accomplishment.

  3. The only one I ever had as a kid was Fighters Destiny which I rather enjoyed. Compared to the PS1's 3D offerings and Saturn 2D fighters/Virtua series the N64 SUCKED HARD for fighters.

  4. Fun Fact: War Gods was Midways test run for MK4. So they kept what they liked, changed what they didn’t, and made some money by shipping it as an original game.

  5. Didn't you tell a story back in the day of physical injuring yourself on an arcade game? (something worse than how I couldn't play much Centipede on an actual cabinet as a kid because I kept pinching my fingers in the trackball)


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